Monday, January 16, 2017

This Years Keynote Speaker!

Emily Perl Kingsley is an American writer who joined the Sesame Street team in 1970 and has been writing for the show ever since.
Her son Jason Kingsley was born with Down Syndrome in 1974.[1] Her experiences with Jason inspired her to include people with disabilities into the Sesame Street cast, including an actress who uses a wheelchair, Tarah Schaeffer, and even Jason himself. Jason's story was the topic of an hour-long NBC television special in 1977, titled "This Is My Son", and with co-author Mitchell Levitz, Jason wrote the book "Count Us In: Growing Up with Down Syndrome".
In 1987 Kingsley wrote "Welcome to Holland", a widely published and translated piece which compares the experience of someone finding out their child has a disability to having a trip to Italy rerouted to Holland.


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