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March 27, 2018 Transition Collaborative Event at Pinkerton Academy

Welcome to Our March 27, 2018 Transition Collaborative Event!

5:00-8:30 pm

Stockbridge Theater  at Pinkerton Academy

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This Years Keynote Speaker!

Our 2018 Speaker Has yet to be determined!

What are SPECS classes?

Specific Planning Encourages Creative Solutions

An Educational Series for Family Members who take the lead in determining day-to-day supports.
Instructors & SPECS Creators:
Patty Cotton, Training and Facilitation services, related to creative planning, strategic visioning, &
consumer & family-directed service designs.
Leslie Boggis, Parent, Educator, Special Projects Gateways Community Services
SPECS Sessions Schedule
Session 1: Why - Orientation to Person-Centered Planning
Understand the important role families can play in creating a meaningful routine and support network for their son/daughter after leaving high school. An orientation to the adult service system will focus on innovations, issues and challenges impacting transition outcomes, with an emphasis on individual/family directed decision­making.
Session 2: What - Assuming Personal Power
Offers examples and activities to help participants better understand the creative process, the power of building an effective personal support team, and strategies for assuming a leadership role in making your son/daughter's plan for the future real.
Session 3: Who & Where - Tools for Planning
Person-centered planning tools that draw out important information about your family member's preferences, strengths, learning styles and support needs will be demonstrated. This information builds a foundation for creating the types of work, home, and social opportunities that will be most meaningful to your family member.
Session 4: How - Designing Opportunities & Supports
Practical approaches for networking and creating opportunities will be highlighted, with information about a broad range of options for custom-designing supports and services to best suit your family member.
Session 5: How Much - Using Resources Wisely
Strategies for how to creatively combine and maximize a broad range of resources to cover the cost of supports and services will be explored.  General information about key funding sources (e.g. Medicaid, Social Security, Vocational Education and Rehabilitation) will also be provided.
Session 6: When - Getting To Action
Summarizes course content and supports participants to identify next steps for creating a meaningful routine and support network for their son/daughter after leaving high school.

Each session builds on information from previous sessions. It is important for all participants to commit to attend all sessions.  SPECS' classes are designed for parents/family members, students are not expected to attend
All sessions are held at Pinkerton Academy, Derry NH in the Freshman Academy Building; Faculty Cafeteria

Registration at the Transition Night Event